Wondering How To Price Your Handmade Quilts? Here’s Your Complete Guide

How much should I charge for my handmade quilts? This question has been asked by many quilters who want to sell their handcrafted items at fair prices.

Quilt making is a craft that takes time and effort. If you want to get paid for your skills, then you’ll need to figure out how much you should charge for your quilts.

Wondering How To Price Your Handmade Quilts Here’s Your Complete Guide

There are several ways to determine the value of your handmade quilts. The first step is to decide whether you want to sell them wholesale or retail.

Wholesale pricing means that you sell your quilts at a fixed rate per square foot. Retail pricing means that you sell them at whatever price you choose. You can also set up an online shop where people can buy your products directly from you.

Keep on reading to find out how to price your handmade quilts!

How Much Should I Charge For My Handmade Quilts?

Here’s What You Need To Know About Pricing Your Handmade Quilts:

Determine Whether You Want To Sell Them As A Wholesale Or Retailer

If you’re selling your quilts as a retailer, you have more control over the pricing than if you’re selling them wholesale. When you sell your quilts as a wholesaler, you don’t have any say in what they cost.

They may be sold at a higher price because the manufacturer sets the price. However, it’s possible to find a distributor who will give you a better deal on the fabrics used in your quilts.

Decide On A Fixed Rate Per Square Foot Or Set Up An Online Shop

If you plan to sell your quilts through a store or website, you’ll probably want to use a fixed rate per square feet. This way, you know exactly how much you’ll make off each unit.

It’s important to note that this method isn’t suitable for all types of quilts. Some quilts require a lot of fabric while others only take a few yards.

Consider Selling Your Products Directly Through An Online Store

You can also create an online store where customers can purchase your quilts directly from you. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about setting up a storefront or dealing with shipping costs.

Figure Out How Many Units Of Each Product You Can Make In One Month

The next thing you need to consider is how many units of each product you can make in one month. You can calculate this using the following formula:

Qty (Number Of Weeks X Number Of Days) / 7

For example, let’s say you’re planning on making 50 quilts in one month. That would mean you’d need to make 25 quilts every other week for four weeks.

You can spread these out between these two weeks. Then you’d divide that number by seven to come up with 3.5 units of each item you make.

Find Out How Long It Takes You To Create Each Item

Once you’ve figured out how many units you can produce in one month, you need to figure out how long it takes you to complete each project.

There are different methods you can use to estimate how long it takes you.

Use These Methods To Estimate Time Required To Make Each Project

One way to estimate how long it will take you to make a particular item is to look at similar items you’ve made before.

You can also use historical data to see how long it took you to complete projects in the past.

Calculate The Total Cost Of Making All Of Your Items

When you add up the total amount of time and materials required to make all of your items, you should have a good idea of how much money you’ll make.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll make enough money to cover your expenses, you can always try to negotiate a lower price with your supplier.

Take Into Account Any Special Services You Provide With Your Quilts

Some people offer special services when they sell their handmade products. For instance, some people provide free custom embroidery or hand-stitching.

Others might include a gift box or even a certificate of authenticity.

What Is The Price Of A Handmade Quilt? 

What Is The Price Of A Handmade Quilt 

Average prices depend on the complexity of the quilt design, the materials used and the size of the bed. A throw-size quilt costs about $400. A twin-sized quilt costs about $500.

A double/full-sized quilt costs $700. A queen-sized quilt costs an average of $800. A king-sized quilt costs over $1,200. Prices are correct at the time of writing.

How Do I Know How Much To Charge?

Quilts are very expensive. The materials alone can cost hundreds of dollars. Creating them takes time and skill. A typical quilter may spend several hundred dollars on fabric alone. So when someone buys a quilt, they expect to pay more than what was quoted.

Quilts should be priced based on how much time it takes to make them. You can charge more if you take longer to finish the project. Overhead costs should also be included in the price of your product.

Then add them together and see if you can get a number that makes you happy. Don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time, because you’ll probably want to make changes as you go along. 

Quilters also need to factor in the cost of materials. Sewing the quilt top, sewing the backing, pressing and ironing everything, cutting the batting, basting time, creating the binding, sewing the quilt, trimming and squaring up the quilt, creating the binding, attaching the binding, trimming all strings and loose threads, removing lint, hair, and thread, shipping cost, and last but not least, lint rolling the entire quilt to remove any lint, hair, or thread.

Other factors you may include in your pricing for overhead costs: Quilt design cost, sewing machine cost, supplies and tools cost, including thread, bobbins, scissors, cutting mats, etc.

Other costs you should factor in may be the advertising cost, the fabric per yard, website cost, rent (if you are renting a storefront), and your own earnings for your time and talents.

Fabric requirements and sizing plays a huge part in determining the total cost for materials. 

A simple calculation shows how much you’ll spend. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Quilt?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Quilt

Shipping is another important consideration. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the package.

Smaller quilts may only require one carrier while larger quilts will likely require two carriers. It’s best to estimate the overall shipping cost before you start selling your quilts. 

If you don’t know how much to charge, ask yourself these questions: What is my shipping rate? Do I have enough money to cover my expenses? Will I lose money by offering this service?

Are Handmade Quilts Valuable?

Handmade quilts are valued for their unique qualities. They are often considered collectibles. Some people even consider them works of art.

However, most people who buy handcrafted quilts do so because they like them. They’re comfortable spending a little extra money for something special.

What Are Some Ways To Sell Handmade Quilts Online?

There are many methods for selling handmade quilts online. Each method has its pros and cons. There are websites that specialize in selling handmade quilts.

These sites usually offer free advertising services. Others charge a monthly fee. Some sellers use both methods. Whichever method you choose, there are things you need to keep in mind.

There are many options available for selling handmade quilts. For example, you can sell them through Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Instagram.

Some of these websites allow you to create an account and list items for sale. Others allow you to post listings without having an account. You must decide which option is right for you.

Some websites allow buyers to contact you directly. Others require buyers to make purchases through the website.

The following tips will help you decide what kind of site to use and where to advertise your quilts.


This is probably the easiest way to sell handmade quilts. All you need to set up shop is a PayPal account. Etsy allows you to upload photos of your quilts and add descriptions. Sellers can also link to other products they’ve made.


  • Easy to use
  • No inventory required
  • Easy to find customers.


  • No control over shipping
  • Limited space to display pictures
  • Limited customer feedback.


You can sell your handmade quilts on eBay using a personal profile. Sellers can list items with photos and descriptions. Buyers can bid on items and pay via PayPal.


  • Inventory management
  • Detailed information about each item
  • Buyer feedback


  • Limited space to display pictures
  • No control over shipping
  • Limited customer feedback

Facebook Marketplace

You can sell your handmade quilt on Facebook Marketplace. Sellers can upload photos and descriptions. Buyer can browse items and purchase from a seller’s page.


  • Control over shipping
  • Detailed information about each product
  • Buyer feedback


  • No control over exposure
  • Limited space to display photos
  • Limited customer feedback


Sellers can list items for free on Craigslist. A few days after posting, buyers can visit the seller’s ad. The seller then needs to respond to all requests within 24 hours.


  • Free advertising
  • Unlimited space to display pictures
  • Unlimited customer feedback


  • Limited time frame to respond to inquiries
  • Limited customer feedback


Sellers can use Instagram to promote their handmade quilts. This is a great way to reach potential customers.


  • Unlimited space to display pictures
  • Customer feedback


  • No control of listing prices
  • Limited time frame to respond to queries

How Much Should I Charge?

How Much Should I Charge

Price is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling handmade quilts. It depends on how much work went into making the quilt.

If you spent several months sewing, designing, and hand-quilting the quilt, you should charge more than if you sewed the quilt in half a day.

If you’re new to the business, start by pricing your quilts at $25 per square foot. That means that a queen size bed would be priced around $1,000.

If you have experience as a seamstress or designer, consider charging $50-$100 per square foot. For example, a queen size bed might cost $2,500-$5,000.

There are many ways to price your handmade quilts. You may want to take a look at this article on how to calculate wholesale costs.

Where Can I Find Customers?

There are three main options for finding customers:


Use Facebook to post ads about your quilts. Potential customers will see these posts on their newsfeed.


Use Etsy to advertise your handmade quilts. There are two types of listings: shops and individual sellers.

Shops are businesses that offer multiple products while individuals are independent artists who sell only one type of product.


Post an ad on Craigslist. People will search for “handmade quilts” and click through to your listing.

The best option is to combine different marketing strategies.

What Are Some Other Ways To Market My Handmade Quilts?

Here are some other ideas for promoting your handmade quilts:

  • Create a blog where you write about your experiences as a maker.
  • Write articles for craft magazines.
  • Start a newsletter.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Host workshops.
  • Take part in online forums.

Final Thoughts

Selling handmade quilts isn’t easy, but with hard work and dedication, you’ll soon find success.

Handmade quilts are becoming increasingly popular. They provide comfort, warmth, and beauty to those who purchase them. Handmade quilts are often sold directly from the makers, which makes them unique and exclusive.

However, there are challenges associated with selling and pricing handmade quilts. In order to overcome these challenges, you need to learn everything you can about selling handmade quilts.

Thank you for reading!

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