About Us

Who says that your hobby has to cost a load of money? When we think of a hobby, the most popular are things like skiing, painting, and reading. The unfortunate thing about most hobbies is that they cost a lot of money in the long run. 

My name is Sarah Maine and my hobby is quilting. No, I’m not retired - I’m in my early 20s and have been quilting since I was a teenager! Quilting and sewing are incredibly underrated hobbies in my opinion - and I want to bring them back. 

My grandmother first introduced me to quilting when we visited a secondhand store together and picked up some fabric for a great discounted price. We spent the entire weekend making our first quilt together, and I was so excited that I took it to show my friends the next day at school. 

Since then, I’ve made quilts for all occasions - Christmas, Easter, birthdays! If a gift is needed, I’ll be making a quilt. And they’re always well received by everyone. I’ve even created a small business selling the quilts I’ve made over the years. 

If you have a load of leftover fabric from another craft, or even clothes that you’re going to get rid of, this is your sign to make a quilt! I created Cabbage Rose Quilting in the hopes of getting more people into quilting, so what are you waiting for? Give it a chance and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Plus, you’ll be left with a cool quilt!