How Many 5-Inch Squares Does It Take To Make A Throw Size Quilt?

Quilting has become very popular over the last decade or so. Quilts are usually created using patchwork techniques, where pieces of fabric are pieced together to create a design. The resulting piece is then stitched into place.

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How Many 5-Inch Squares Does It Take To Make A Throw Size Quilt

There are several types of quilts, including wall hangings, table runners, bedspreads, and even pillowcases. There are also several sizes of quilts, ranging from baby blankets to king-size bed covers.

You don’t necessarily need to master every type of quilting technique to make beautiful quilts. In fact, some of the most famous quilts in history were made without advanced sewing skills.

What Is A Quilt?

The word “quilt” comes from the French verb couler which means to flow or drip. In the United States, a quilt is a bed covering consisting of multiple layers of fabric sewn together.

There are many types of quilts: patchwork quilts, appliqué quilts, embroidered quilts, etc. Each type has its own unique characteristics.

What Are Some Common Types Of Quilts?

Patchwork quilts are created by piecing together different fabrics to form a pattern. They are usually stitched together with thread.

Appliqué quilts are created by cutting shapes out of fabric and sewing them onto another piece of fabric.

Embroidery quilts are created by stitching designs on top of fabric. Embroidery quilts require special equipment such as embroidery hoops, needles, and threads. Pillowcases are quilts that are used to cover pillows. They are typically made out of cotton.

Easiest Ways To Make A Quilt

Here are three simple ways to get started.

Use Fabric Scraps

If you have scraps left over from other projects, use them up by making a quilt with them. You can find patterns for quilts that require only basic sewing skills at your local craft store.

Add Appliqué

Applying appliqué adds an extra layer of interest to your quilt. It’s easy to do if you know how to sew a straight line on a flat surface.

Sew Together Pieces Of Fabric

This method works well when you want to add a special touch to your quilt. For example, you may want to stitch together two fabrics that complement each other perfectly.

Or perhaps you want to combine a solid color with a patterned fabric to give your quilt more dimension.

Once you’ve mastered these basic methods, try adding embellishments such as embroidery, ribbon, buttons, beads, lace, and rickrack to your quilts. These elements will help bring out the beauty of your work.

Quilting 101: How To Start Quilting

Quilting 101 How To Start Quilting

If you’re ready to start quilting, here are five steps to follow.

Choose Your Fabric

Selecting fabric for your quilt project is one of the first things you’ll need to decide. Before you buy any fabric, consider what kind of look you’d like to achieve.

Do you prefer a traditional style, modern style, or something in between?

Pick A Pattern 

Once you’ve decided on the overall look you want to achieve, choose a pattern. Patterns come in many styles, shapes, and sizes.

Some patterns are designed specifically for quilters, while others are intended for home decorating purposes.

Cut Out Your Fabric

Cutting out your fabric is another important step. When cutting out your fabric, be sure to cut along the grain line. This makes it easier to sew your seams later on.

Prepare Your Machine

Now that you’ve got all your materials ready, it’s time to set up your machine. Check your manual to learn about the settings you should adjust before starting to sew.

Begin Stitching

As soon as you’re ready to begin stitching, turn off your machine’s foot control. Then, take your needle and thread through the center of your fabric.

Continue until you reach the end of your fabric. Pull the needle and thread taut, and press down firmly on the fabric.

Is It Easy To Make A Quilt?

Is It Easy To Make A Quilt

Making a quilt isn’t difficult, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start.

Know What Kind Of Material You Need

Quilts are usually made using cotton, polyester, wool, or silk. Each material has its own unique properties.

Be aware of the characteristics of whatever you plan to use, so you can select appropriate tools and techniques.

Understand The Different Types Of Quilts

There are several types of quilts available, including wall hangings, table runners, bedspreads, lap quilts, throw pillows, and duvets. Each type requires a slightly different approach.

Learn About Quilt Making Techniques

Quilting involves a lot of handwork. If you don’t have much experience sewing, you might find yourself frustrated by some of the techniques involved.

However, once you get used to them, they become second nature.

What Are The Best Materials Used In Making Quilts?

What Are The Best Materials Used In Making Quilts


Cotton is an excellent choice for making a quilt because it’s easy to care for and durable. It also comes in a variety of colors and textures.


Polyester is a popular choice among quilters because it doesn’t shrink when washed. It’s also lightweight and soft against the skin.

Wool Or Silk 

Wool and silk make great fabrics for quilts because they feel nice against the skin. They’re also easy to care for.


Fleece is a good option if you live in cold climates. It keeps you warm without weighing you down.

What Is The Difference Between A Quilt And A Bedspread?

A quilt is a blanket with a design sewn into it. A bedspread is a flat piece of fabric that covers a mattress.

What Is The Most Important Part Of Sewing A Quilt?

The most important part of sewing a quilt is following the instructions carefully. If you do this, you’ll create a beautiful finished product.

How Much Fabric Will I Need?

To calculate how much fabric you will need, divide the length of your quilt by 10. For example, if your quilt is 70 inches long, then you would need 7 charm packs.

How Do I Start Making A Quilt?

How Do I Start Making A Quilt

To start making a quilt, follow these steps:

  1. Determine what size quilt you want to make.
  2. Decide whether you want to make a king-size quilt or a twin-size quilt.
  3. Select a color scheme for your quilt.
  4. Choose a backing fabric.
  5. Choose batting.
  6. Pick a binding style.
  7. Buy your supplies.
  8. Sew your first block.
  9. Continue adding blocks until you reach the desired height.
  10. Finish your quilt.

What Should I Do Before Starting To Sew My First Quilt?

Before beginning to sew your first quilt, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a project idea based on what you like.
  2. Decide how many squares you need to complete the size of the quilt you want.
  3. Determine which direction you’d like to stitch your quilt.
  4. Select a color scheme for your quilt.
  5. Buy the necessary supplies.
  6. Set up your sewing machine.
  7. Read the instruction manual thoroughly.
  8. Practice sewing on scraps of fabric.
  9. Start sewing!
  10. Finish sewing.
  11. Carefully iron out any wrinkles.
  12. Enjoy your new creation!

What Is A Charm Pack? 

Charm packs are small bundles of fabric that contain all the materials needed to make a specific kind of quilt. For example, one charm pack contains everything you need to make a baby quilt. Another charm pack includes everything you need to make a larger quilt, or even a blanket. 

How Many Five-Inch Squares Do I Need to Make A Quilt? 

To determine how many five-inch squares you need to make a quilt, multiply the number of inches in your desired length times the width of each square.

For example, if you wanted to make a 48″ x 72″ quilt, you would need 144 five-inch squares.

All of this completely depends on what kind of quilt you are sewing, so let’s look into that. 

How Many 5-Inch Squares Does It Take to Make a Child/Baby Quilt? 

A baby quilt requires 63 five-inch squares, 2 charm packs, or 1 charm pack and 1/2 yard of fabric. 

A baby quilt is typically sized at 48″ x 60″. 

How Many 5-Inch Squares Do You Need To Make A Throw Quilt?

How Many 5-Inch Squares Do You Need To Make A Throw Quilt

Quilts can be made by piecing together different fabrics into blocks or rows. This example shows how to use a grid pattern to create a large quilt.

For this example, we will assume that the top layer of the quilt is 48″ wide and the bottom layer is 60″ wide. We will also assume that the height of the quilt is 36″ tall.

First, divide the total amount of space between the two layers (60″) by the total amount of space per block (48″).

How Many 5-Inch Squares Does It Take to Make a Twin-Sized Quilt? 

A 72″ x 90″ twin-size quilt requires 320 5″ squares. A possible option for this size quilt would be to choose 4 duplicate charm packs and four solid charm packs to create a fun checkerboard design.

How Many 5-Inch Squares Does It Take to Make a Full Quilt? 

A full-sized quilt needs 456 five inch squares. For a four-patch quilt, you’ll need two charm packs.

How Many 5-inch Squares Do You Need To Make A Queen-Size Quilt?

A throw quilt needs 480 five inch squares. You will need twelve charm packs to make a throw quilt this size.

How Many 5-Inch Squares Does It Take to Make a King-Sized Quilt? 

A quilt made out of 5″ squares needs 15 charm packs.

What Size Quilt Can I Make With Only One Charm Pack? 

You can make a quilt using only one charm pack with some modifications. The most common way to do this is to cut the charm pack in half. If you are making a baby quilt, you could also add a border around the edge of the quilt.

A quilt made out of charm packs is called a charm square quilt. This quilt measures 27″ by 31.5”. You may add sashing to the outside of the fabric if you want to make your quilt bigger.

If you want to make a queen-size quilt, you could simply sew the charm pack together twice. However, when doing this, you may have to adjust the seam allowances slightly to accommodate the extra material.

Can I Calculate How Many 5-Inch Squares I Need? 

Quilts should be made using a 4.5” x 4.5” square as a foundation. Quilts should always be made as large or larger than needed.

You’ll want to use your fabric stash for this project. Cut enough fabric to make nine 4.5” squares. Round up to 9 squares. 

A quilt needs to be made from 90 fabric pieces (45” x 4.5”) or about 100 yards of fabric. You need three charm packs to make a 40″ x 45″ quilt.

The quilt should always have an outer border, but if you want to use solid colors, then you can do without the outer border. You must also make sure that your calculations take into account the width of your borders.

How Long Should My Quilt Be?

Quilts should never be shorter than 50 inches. Most people prefer their quilts between 60 and 80 inches long.

What’s The Difference Between Patchwork And Applique?

Patchwork quilting involves creating patterns using small patches of fabric. These patches are stitched together to create a whole design.

Applique quilting involves cutting out shapes from fabric and attaching them to other fabric.

How Do I Sew Fabric Together For A Quilt?

Start by folding your fabric in half lengthwise. Next, fold each side in half again so that they meet at the center. Pin the two sides together.

Stitch down the middle of the fabric. Trim off any excess fabric around the edges.

How Do I Add Borders To My Quilt?

Add borders to your quilt after you’ve finished making all the blocks. If you’re adding a solid color border, cut strips of fabric 1/2 inch wide. Fold the strip in half lengthwise.

Place the folded edge under the raw edge of one block. Press the fabric flat. Repeat until you reach the end of the row. Then stitch along the entire length of the border.

If you’re adding a printed border, first add the print to the background fabric. Use a rotary cutter to trim away extra fabric.

Now place the fabric right sides together and sew the border to the background fabric. When you’re done, press the seam allowances toward the border.

How Do I Sew Two Pieces Of Fabric Together?

Pin the two pieces of fabric together. Start at either corner and stitch across the fabric. Leave a 3/4 -inch gap between the pieces of fabric when you start stitching. This allows room for turning the fabric. 

Once you’ve completed stitching the first piece of fabric, turn the fabric inside out. Pull the needle through both layers of fabric. Continue this process until you have stitched all the seams.

How Do I Finish My Quilt?

How Do I Finish My Quilt

When you’re ready to finish your quilt, iron the backing of the quilt. You can also use an ironing board if you don’t have an ironing machine.

Iron the batting on top of the backing. Finally, lay the quilt over the batting and backing. Smooth out any wrinkles. 

Cut the binding strips according to the size of your quilt. Lay the binding strips wrong sides together. Starting at one short end, pin the binding to the quilt. Machine stitches the binding to the quilted surface.

How Do I Wash My Quilt?

Wash your quilt in cold water with mild detergent. Rinse well. Tumble dry on low heat or line dry. Avoid washing your quilt too often because frequent washings may cause shrinkage.

Quilts do not need washing very often, unless it is a pet quilt, or a quilt that moves around a lot. 

How Do I Store My Quilt?

Wipe away spills immediately. Don’t store your quilt in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Quilts are often stored on beds or sofas, and this is especially true for throw size quilts, as well as bedspread quilts.

Final Thoughts

Quilts are wonderful gifts for people who love to travel. They provide warmth and comfort while traveling. In addition, they make great presents for birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

Quilts are pretty complicated to make, but they are easy to get the hang of once you know how many squares you need, as well as general measurements.

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