How To Fold A Blanket For Display

Blankets can look like clutter when not folded properly, and this can be a pain in many different ways. At home, you might be embarrassed to invite people over because your blankets just look messy.

When it’s time to turn your hobby into a thriving business, appearance can be a huge factor in how many blankets and quilts you sell.

How To Fold A Blanket For Display

The first thing potential customers will notice is how the blanket is displayed before they are drawn in by its style, quality and material – so how you display your blankets will have a huge impact on if a customer will be tempted to purchase the blanket in the first place! 

If you want to increase your sales or just want to invite your friends over without needing to apologize about the mess, then here are some stylish methods on how to fold a blanket for display purposes.

This way, you can show off your home with pride or draw your customers in to shift more stock so you can turn that hobby into a money-making business! 

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

To stylishly stack your blankets, instead of making a conventional pile of square-folded blankets, why not try rolling up the blankets so they can be neatly stacked in a pyramid.

For home use, a rolled up blanket can then be thrown in with your pillows on our bed or on the couch to limit clutter and mess around the room. 

To try out this method, pick up your blanket and lay it out flat on the floor, smoothing out any creases. 

Then, take a foot of the blanket and tuck it underneath to act as a pocket. Then, fold the blanket into three equally sized sections and lay another foot of the blanket on top.

At this point you can roll up the blanket and fold the pocket you have created over so it does not unroll itself. Make sure that it’s tightly rolled and not loose to risk it coming unrolled. 

This method is great for those who have a lot of blankets and want to keep things tidy and organized. 

Au Naturale

If you want to give your customers an insightful look to how the blanket will (most likely) appear on their couch or bed, then this method will give the blanket a slightly crumpled look that is more natural and will give your customers a better idea of how it looks. 

To start, fold the blanket in half and then again into a thick rectangular shape. 

Pinch the middle of the fold and just toss the blanket where you want it to land. This will give a fun, quirky shape but if the shape is not to your taste, just try the process again until you are satisfied with the shape of the blanket. 

Round the natural look off with a few pillows and you will create a cozy spot that is sure to catch the eyes of others. It features the right amount of ruffle so it does not come across as untidy – just comfortable, used and perfect to be used at home. 

Cozy And Classic 

If you want to keep the folding to a minimum, then here is how you fold a blanket in the conventional, proper way. This will make your blanket appear natural for your customers, and it’s super easy to do with medium-sized blankets.

Plus, this method is great because it gives customers enough space for them to properly appreciate patterns in the fabric and touch the material to feel its texture. 

To try this folding method out, all you have to do is hold the blanket in half. Then, match the corners up and use your forearm to fold it again and flop it into place. 

This kind of folded blanket is best displayed over the back of a couch (for a quirky display, flop it vertically close to the arm of the couch) as it can bring a touch of color to a sitting area, or be placed at the end of a bed for the same effect. It’s a very basic technique that is not hard to try out for yourself and it will definitely leave your blanket equally folded and neatly displayed. 

The Couch Cover

For large blankets, you can fold them up and use them as a cover for the back or seat of a couch, bringing a variety of color and pattern to an otherwise plain couch.

This also doubles as a way to protect your couch from snags or stains, although this would mean damaging your blanket – but it is easier to replace a blanket than a whole couch. 

So, if you want to try this method out, just take your large blanket and fold it into thirds. Fold again if needs be and you will be left with a long, neat rectangle roughly the size of your sofa’s length.

You can either drape the blanket across the seat, tucking the ends in, or across the back and throw some pillows in for comfort and decoration. 

This can completely transform a couch and shake up the look of the room each time you swap out the blanket for a new one. A lot of people use this method when it comes to redecorating as it means they can disguise a mismatched sofa to make it suit the rest of the room better. 


Of course, all of these methods for folding a blanket for display work just as well when used at home as it does in your store or for pictures to sell your blankets online. 

All of these methods are easy and, while some may take a little more practice than others, you will get the hang of them in no time and fold blankets in your sleep.

So, try each method out and pick out your favorite to try at home! 

This way, you  can enjoy a decluttered space and be able to display your blankets in fun and interesting ways that are sure to perk up your customer’s interest. 

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